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HRAIME Talent Mission.

We are bringing together Science, Tech and the Recruiting Art. That helps us to find, attract and engage the relevant talent for employers and organisations in more precise, faster, easier, efficient, and cost-effective ways.

Connecting relevant candidates to jobs.

Finding, attracting and engaging the relevant talent for employers deserves to be more precise, faster, easier, efficient and cost-effective. In everything we do, candidates and employers are at the very center.

Today, our HRAIME venture is set to inspire and support employers, organizations and human capital in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. - Monitor.png

Talent Sourcing Improved.

Reduce your recruitment costs and boost ROI by allocating your recruitment budget to the most cost-effective channels. Leverage our data-driven reach strategies to reduce costs and continuously improve your talent sourcing.

SSC-BPO - Monitor.png

We are set to inspire and support leaders…

…in the Shared Services Centers and Business Process Outsourcing organizations of Europe, the Middle East and Africa to successfully drive forward with their talented human capital, optimized HR processes and modern technology.

eCommerce-CEE - Monitor.png

Across the CEE region, the eCommerce sales have grown at the fastest rates in history.

Great performance - but it still leaves more than 80% of the sales in other sales channels. We are making it faster and easier for active organizations to find the relevant talent and to support further acceleration of this attractive customer-centric business sector.


Bringing Talent In.

We believe that every company deserves to work with the best talent. As one of the very few HR Tech companies in the world today, our focus is on using technology with a truly agnostic, programmatic, and intelligent advertising solution to find the best candidates for the employer or organization.

With our in-depth analytics dashboards driven by our high-class talent attraction technology with AI machine learning, employers and organizations can optimize market reach for maximum talent acquisition.

We encourage employers and organizations to leverage the power of technology to attract the best talent and convert them into successful hires.

Our talented and skillful committed experts are determined to transform the entire Internet into the efficient recruitment platform.

Tap into the vast knowledge of our experts to help you find, attract, engage and hire the perfect candidates.

Eco - Banner.png
Trees - Monitor.png

Across the CEE region, the eCommerce sales have grown at the fastest rates in history.

Attached to the recruiting activity of employers and relevant candidates’ engagement activities, our Tree League also creates healthy competition that triggers positive momentum with lasting impacts. We will smartly contribute to achieving the goal of a global ecosystem official restoration program.


Recruit with a meaningful ROI!

Leadership Team 


Ladislav Hadáček

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Chief Commercial Officer 


Tomáš Pluhařík

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Chief Technology Officer


Petr Markovič

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Chief Customer Officer

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