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Win The War For Talent!

Get perfectly tailored HR Tech
and Recruitment Tech solutions
for your hiring success.

Learn more about our 98,7% Talent Reach consisting of Hard-to-Reach, Passive, Poised, Active candidates.






You are who you hire.
Who you hire is how you win.

Accelerate your hiring success.


Gain wins from our laser-focused recruitment methodology and experience in delivering hiring success.

You will benefit from access to 8 professional communities, supported by 4 job boards and unique solutions.

Cyber Security

Robotic Process Automation

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Shared Services Centers

Business Process Outsourcing Organisations

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Learn how HRAIME Talent ventures help you succeed with:

From direct sourcing through our specialized  job boards, featured employer, hiring videos and recruitment campaigns across all available channels, to apply beauty career pages, AI recruitment chatbots, Job Taster Days and Headhunting#1 activities and beyond - HRAIME provides the tools you need to find, attract, engage and connect the relevant talent to grow your business.

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Reach & Attract the right talent 
  • At the end of the day, it’s all about having access to the relevant candidates.                     

  • Push your jobs in front of the right people, and attract them.                                                    

  • Our well designed tools will get candidates to respond to the tailored market outreach, and apply to open roles. graphs.png solutions.png
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Engage & Convert to stand out in the market
  • In a cluttered job marketplace, it takes courage and creativity to stand out and create an environment where all stakeholders benefit.


  • Inspire and even reward relevant candidates to apply for your open jobs.


  • Expand and maximize candidate experience, and boost your employer brand awareness.

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Job Taster Days.png
Qualify & Select your best matches for the job
  • Here we go towards two hiring decisions, one by the employer and one by the candidate.

  • Find the best matches in a traditional recruitment funnel.

  • Match with the most qualified candidates, well supported by our expertise, solutions and technology.

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Job Apply Beauty Candidate Experience _ HRAIME.png
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Agency Solutions to upgrade the Value Proposition and ROI 
  • Gain a genuine competitive advantage!


  • Establish your unique value proposition - leading to more leads, more placements, more business, and improved ROI.


  • Explore our wide suite of solutions designed for recruitment & staffing organizations.

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You are who you hire. 
Who you hire is how you win.

Find your next great hires with HRAIME’s designed HR Tech and Rec Tech solutions.

Win The War For Talent Solutions - Intro video

SSC and BPO organisations in the EMEA AMER - Intro video

Cyber Security and RPA global community - Intro video

eCommerce and Delivery community - Intro video

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